Let’s not forget about H.I…

Yesterday I was reminded of the importance of Human Interaction when it comes to Customer Service (let’s call it H.I). I needed a new domain name for a new custom email but because of my previous package with the company in question, several issues occurred. Thinking everything was solved after speaking to one of their representatives on their Live Chat service, I soon found the issue still prevailed the following afternoon. This resulted in me having to speak with another person on their Live Chat service, however this person (whomever you are), was not as helpful.

It is sometimes very difficult to get your point across when using an online chat, particularly if it’s not in a field you are familiar with. I guess it didn’t help with the one word replies coming every 5 minutes, followed by them abruptly exiting the conversation before my issue was resolved. Frustrated and very annoyed, I didn’t know what to do, that is until I called Google.

It made sense to do this, as I wanted to use G-Suites.  After a lovely conversation with Diana based in Colombia, not only was she able to help my initial query but she went above and beyond. We did a screen share on Google Hangouts so she could see exactly what was happening, she taught me more things I can do with a custom email and G-Suites that I didn’t previously know about and we even had banter about how it was snowing here in the UK whilst it nice where she was in Bogotá. I enjoyed her helping me so much that I didn’t realise the call was almost an hour.

I heard a Speaker called Geoff Ramm a few years ago talk about treating all your customers with “Celebrity Service” and her service definitely made me feel one. So it made me realise, that although technology has advanced to a state whereby we can use Live Online Chats and Chatbots, we mustn’t forget the importance and value of human interaction. A simple telephone is sometimes much more appreciated than you think.

From the Saddle,


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